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Populate cells from value in other cell

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    Question Populate cells from value in other cell

    Dear Forum,

    I am struggling with a Form I want to generate.

    A part of it is already cleared (UserForm and making tables/named ranges/layout of the form).

    But the part I can't seem to figure out is as described below:
    In Cell "C11" on Sheet "Form" a product will be selected (To stay with the tradition, I used Fruits and Vegetables to simplify), and based on this selection, a series of predefined checks will be selected.
    Example: If the selected "Group" is Fruits, and the selected "Product" is "Apple" Checks 1,2,3,4,5,6 are applicable. Selections and the related checks are defined on the Sheet "Products", and the checks that belong to each product are defined on the Sheet "Data".
    The checks have a number 1-6 (Data!"F:F") to have an easy overview. The explanation of the checks are in the column next to it (Data!"G:G"), and the expected results of these checks next to that (Data!"H:H").

    The related checks and results from columns G and H should be copied to the Sheet "Form" from Cell "C15" down (2 columns - C15 & H15) to have a correct lineout.
    Different selections have different checks, so it all needs to be dynamic.

    A simplified example is attached. I removed the userform selection boxes, since that part is already figured out.

    This form is used for quite a bit more groups/products, but should be OK with VBA.
    If anyone can help me with this, or has a good suggestion, I would be very happy.

    brgds, Kevin
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