Hi all I need some help, I am pretty new to VBA programming and excel in general.

My problem is to reduce work in my job (right now it is too time consuming), I have to copy and paste lots of tables from excel to power point. I want to create a macro where with single click I copy and past all the tables in powerpoint (10 rows per slide with title) and important thing is table needs to have uniform formatting color, font type, font size, shaded rows etc.

My first question, I have searched internet and came up with macro, tweaked a little, but it is buggy it doesn't paste table in powerpoint in correct position, I am losing my mind over what I am doing wrong may be many things. Perhaps you guyz can help me (below is the code).

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My Second question is, I need tables in specific format (Color, font size, font type, etc) I have found on internet macro but that I want to incorporate that code in excel Macro so I don't need to run that code in powerpoint, but I can not join them together (below is the code)

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Sorry for long post.

Really appreciate your help