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Trending line Overlapping regression line

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    Trending line Overlapping regression line

    I'm doing a data reduction project for excel and I need to draw a chart using given data. But the regression line should overlap the trending line.These data has taken from a machine which send out some fault data in the first few seconds and last few seconds when it runs.
    What I needs to do is select the range for a graph neglecting those false data.Is this possible to do using macro?

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    Re: Trending line Overlapping regression line

    As far as I know, there is no way to have Excel's chart trendline regression ignore a part of a data series. If you want to use the chart trendline feature to perform the regression, you will need some way (by macro or by spreadsheet formula or whatever strategy you like) to remove the false data from the data series.

    I find that I prefer to perform regressions in the spreadsheet using the LINEST() function rather than the chart trendline feature. It might be easier to control what points are included in the regression in the spreadsheet rather than the chart.

    It is difficult to give specific suggestions without knowing how your data are arranged or how you would identify false data. If your data are in a nice list and it is relatively easy to identify the false data, a simple filter might be the easiest way to hide/ignore the false data.
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