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Consolidating text data for summary tab

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    Consolidating text data for summary tab

    Good day to you Forum members,

    Need help putting together consolidated data from different sales area for reporting - tried to look up similar projects in the forums but could only find consolidation for numbers, not text.

    Here is the issue :

    We have a file that contains a number of tabs dedicated to different sales groups, each tab is filled periodically by the Manager of the respective group. Tabs contain different tables: ex. Sales, People, Projects, Concerns. Data and number of rows for each table differs for each Group. Tabs for each group are identical, currently made from a template.

    We need to create a Summary Tab that will summarize data from all groups: append People, Projects, and Priority Concerns into consolidated lists, and add Sales results by product category.

    Number of tabs can increase and decrease as sales groups are added and deleted, to a likely maximum of 20-25 tabs. All new tabs will be created from the template. Template also could change, (ex. add or delete new field - ex. Group Delivery Vehicles or Budget Submissions), and the file should create or delete fields on the Summary Tab accordingly.

    Would anyone know what is the simplest way to do this? Comparing to some Forum posts this project seems easy, but not being an Excel guru (and with minimal VBA knowledge) I have trouble wrapping my head around it.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Consolidating text data for summary tab

    A bit of a mess, but it worked on your sample...
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