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Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet Tracker

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    Exclamation Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet Tracker


    I need help building a vacation tracker for my company. i have created a spreadsheet with all the columns i need. now i need the columns to read from each other. if that makes any sense.

    Here is the vacation policy

    0-2 years of service- accrue .77 weekly
    3-4 years of service- accrue 1.54 weekly
    5+ years of service- accrue 2.31 weekly

    We are allowed 40 hours rollover.

    I need the following to reflect:
    Column B to read to Column C & D & E- the start will reflect the correct amounts
    Column F will be put in by myself
    Column F needs to read to column T - (Added in to balance)
    Column G-R needs to read to Column S
    Column S needs to be subtracted from Column T
    Column S needs to have the yearly allotment & rollover amount

    I hope that makes sense

    Please help!

    I have attached the spreadsheet with the columns
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    Re: Vacation Accrual Spreadsheet Tracker

    Hello melissap21 and Welcome to Excel Forum. In the attached copy of the file:
    Column C is populated using: =DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"y")
    Column D is populated using: =INDEX(W$2:W$4,MATCH(C2,V$2:V$4))
    Note that the formula for column D index's values from a range that is added to the original setup.
    Column E is populated using: =D2*52
    Column S is populated using: =SUM(G2:R2)
    Column T is populated using: =SUM(E2:F2)-S2
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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