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How Many "Functions" Fit into a Macro?

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    Question How Many "Functions" Fit into a Macro?

    I am pretty new to the VBA side of Excel, but understand how to record my own basic macro. I have a sheet in which I need to change the value of one column to something else completely. Right now, I am using a basic find and replace function (right word?) to do this. However, the project is hundreds of these functions. So my question is how many of these functions/lines can fit into a macro before it is no longer functioning? It seems that once I get passed a certain number it stops to function - but due to the high volume of entries the exact number is hard to track down. I am just trying to get a basic idea so that I can reset these macros and be sure they run correctly. I cannot seem to find an answer to this online.

    I am attaching a sheet with the picture of just a small bit of the macro to understand what is in it, plus the same code just copied into the word document. As I learn more, I'd like to obviously know if there is a way in which to do this without adding a bunch of macros to run everything. If someone can just point me in the direction to learn that information, I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: How Many "Functions" Fit into a Macro?

    If you have repetitive code, you would normally loop it.

    Make a list in a separate sheet of the text to be replaced and, in the next column, what to replace it with. Then loop through the list substituting each pair in the Find and Replace code.

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