I currently have a workbook called "Transfer Samples" where people enter the number of samples they receive via userform. The macro in the userform then plots the applicable data into a log on the same sheet, "Sample Received Log".

In case anyone needs to edit a mistake and for tracking, I have created an audit trail that tracks all changes that are made to the sheet "Sample Received Log" within the "Transfer Samples" workbook. The audit trail is currently tracked within the same workbook on the "Audit" worksheet.

My issue is that I will have around 2,000 samples that will need to be logged and the workbook "Transfer Samples" will get rather large and slow even without an audit trail being logged on a separate worksheet within the same workbook.

How do I modify my code to, instead of writing the audit trail data in my "Audit" worksheet, to instead write the entire audit trail into my "Audit Trail for Sample Transfers" Workbook that will reside on my computer so no one can alter it and my file size will stay down in both of these workbooks?

Thank you!

I have tried copying the audit trail data to another workbook but that does not solve the issue of reducing file size. I have also tried to call the separate "Audit Trail for Sample Transfers" workbook but I don't know where to put it in the code I already have.

Here is my current code for the audit trail. I have commented some things out that I have tried and failed:

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