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Distributing entries to avoid the same team

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    Distributing entries to avoid the same team


    Attached is a stripped down demo spreadsheet.
    Normally there can be up to 140 teams and 8 categories.
    Managers select names for events.

    Ideally the first name selected from a team in each category is the fastest and they get placed in the centre lanes.
    Have used random to distribute teams so that team A in the demo is not always in lane 6 of heat 1.
    It also helps distribute teams across the heats.

    However, at present I can end up with say 4 heats and 5 members of team A distributed across only 2 heats.
    To avoid complaints I would like to move on from random and have a formula/mechanism to be able to check if an existing team member is already in the heat before inserting the next entry.

    It could be that the distribution is triggered off a button click which would hopefully avoid endless background loops.
    It could be that the distribution occurs on a change to the heat but this may result in a back ground lop.
    Needs to run on Excel 2016 with 4 Gb's of RAM.
    I started to look at if statements but quickly became over whelmed.

    I would very much appreciate guidance of on how to achieve this distribution.
    Thank you.
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