Here's my use case:

I have a long list of medical ICD codes.
I have created an index formula that allows user to enter "F29" for instance and in the adjacent cell the value of "unspecified psychosis" will return from the list of definitions. I've been playing with a really awesome VBA function that allows me to place a combobox that will dynamically allow me to start typing and it will autopopulate from matching results (eg. if I type "psychosis" it will find all results containing the letters as I type! super awesome!)

So now that I have these two functions, I'd love to use them both in the same sheet to allow the user to flexibility type in either box depending on what data they have, most will have the code (A1) eg "F29" whereas some will have a definition (A2) eg "unspecified psychosis" or "schizophrenia, unspecified" for instance.

For this to work, I assume that I need a formula that allows the user to enter data in either A1 or A2 but in my eyes, I think it is complicated by this fancy combobox that I have in A2.

If the user enters the code in A1 "F29" the definition will appear in A2 and if the user starts to type in A2 and finds the definition they are looking for, the code will appear in A1.

It feels like I have two cells that indirectly reference each other and INDEX each other and think that I've found something possibly similar to my search on another forum. *Can't link to it yet, sorry

I think with VBA, if I have the
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in a1 then the formula will remain in A1 but I'm not sure how to make this work with that fancy combobox. Maybe I need to add something that says "if cell entry in A1 then INDEX *otherwise* allow the user to type in A2 to find the definition in the autopopulating combobox.

So close. This will help solve a ton of other problems down the line in other use cases too!

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.