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Calculating consecutive working dates

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    Calculating consecutive working dates

    Hi All,

    I have a difficult question on hand. Please see the attached excel example.

    In the attached excel, it shows 31 days in Jan 2020. The numbers (B2:AF4) represent the number of dutuies in each calender date.

    According to company rules:
    1.a person can have more than 1 duties on the same day
    2.a person cannot work for 7 consecutive days


    What excel function/VBA code can help to attain the below listed results? I willl use 1 person (Anna) to illustrate:

    - Check the values from 1 Jan to 7 Jan (B2:H2)
    - if there is one cell's value is not equal to to 0, then pop up message box "7 consecutive working days"
    - if is at lease one cell's value equal to 0, then continue to check the values from 2 Jan to 8 Jan (C2:I2)
    - The last checking process should end after checking the cell's value from 25 Jan to 31 Jan

    Thanks for your input
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    Re: Request Solution: No 7 consecutive working dates

    Cross-posted at: https://www.mrexcel.com/board/thread...dates.1121117/
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    Re: Request Solution: No 7 consecutive working dates

    Hi Macropd,

    Readt the cross-posting rules and thanks.

    Yes, I have cross-posted my question to mrexcel.com in order to draw more insights. Both threads contain the same details.


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    Re: Request Solution: No 7 consecutive working dates

    I've reinstated your request. There is no problem in having the same query on two forums just as long as you tell us that this is the case.

    If the problem has been solved on the other forum, then do us the courtesy of sharing the solution here and marking the thread as solved.

    Please do not remove posts in future. Thanks.

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