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VBA Update Planning Based on next sheets

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    VBA Update Planning Based on next sheets

    Hello folks,

    So this is gonna be a little tricky by I'll try to explain you my goal.
    I have this planning where you can see as the first sheet looks.
    It's the main page where I want to see everything for the period of the month. In january it's up to 31, in februrary it would be up to 29 etc...

    You can see there are some item names and quanity in stock and some of these items have already numbers other then 0 in day 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    It's becouse of project setup from sheet callede Project 2 and Project 3.
    You can see these projects have same item list as planning, the main sheet, and also you can see there is some day when the project begins and duration of how many days these project lasts.

    So what I need to be automated?
    There can be numerous amount of items in the list, and numerous number of project sheets (and it's name might be different then project 1, 2 etc...)
    I need script which checks all sheets to the right of first sheet, (so basically all projects which might be 2, or even 12) and then it have to check the day in which project begins and how long it lasts.
    The second half are the items, if there is cell with same item name in project and same in first sheet, it will check the quantity next to it, and add it to all days in which the project lasts.
    If there are two projects which overlaps in same time, it will counts these items together for that period.

    There is an example in picture how does it look:
    Project 1 begins in day 2 and ends in day 5.
    Project 2 begins in day 5 and ends in the same day (day 5.)

    There are couple of items which are the same in project 1 and sheet 1 so it will add to the corresponding cell in that day.
    Same with project 2, but you can see that in day 5, the numbers are count from both projects as it overlay for this day.

    And that's it basically, all I need is to make it work for more number of items and projects with various sheet names, althought all will be right to the sheet 1 (planning) which will be always first and original.

    EDIT: open pictures in new tab for better resolution



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    Re: VBA Update Planning Based on next sheets

    Administrative note

    Welcome to the forum

    in your haste to solve your problem, you probably missed the yellow banner advising how to get answers faster by posting a sheet ?

    Please take a moment to read it and attach a sheet accordingly.

    Thanks you for helping us help you

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