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Unprotect ALL Checkboxes with VBA

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    Unprotect ALL Checkboxes with VBA

    Hello friends. I am working on a spreadsheet that has 2000+ checkboxes on it and a mess of formulas. I am trying to protect the sheet so that multiple people can use it without messing up the formulas but also be able to type in certain cells and use the checkboxes. My issue is that I cannot protect the sheet without unlocking the cell the checkbox is in and the checkbox itself. Currently, the only solution I have is to manually unlock each checkbox. I have VBA that unchecks them all at once, so I am wondering if there is VBA to unlock them all at once so I do not need to spend multiple hours unlocking them all. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Unprotect ALL Checkboxes with VBA

    Unprotect your sheet and try something like this.

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