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If index match not NA then pull result and Highlight

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    If index match not NA then pull result and Highlight

    So essentially I'm trying to do a multiple index match. Where if it is na then index from somewhere else. The key is if it indexes from one sheet then highlight yellow, if it is from another then highlight green, and if it indexes from a 3rd then highlight blue. Is there any way in VBA coding perhaps to do this process?

    Please let me know if there is anything I may need to elaborate on.

    Initially I was trying to pull the sheet name from the result using cell("address"), but in order to do that you'd need to pull the formulatext and use indirect to convert it back into a formula. That was a whole ordeal, but I could do an Indirect(Index(Match()).

    I'm hoping that part of a formula or in a VBA code when the if function triggers to use the next index, if it could highlight it a certain color.

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    Re: If index match not NA then pull result and Highlight

    Administrative note

    Welcome to the forum

    in your haste to solve your problem, you probably missed the yellow banner advising how to get answers faster by posting a sheet ?

    Please take a moment to read it and attach a sheet accordingly.

    Thanks you for helping us help you

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