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Help to sum value from multiple workbook

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    Help to sum value from multiple workbook

    Hi all:

    I have a lot source workbooks like COVID19-aaaaaaaa-bbbbbb-PLAll.xlsx, each source file have some sheets like: PL01, PL02 ....

    Now I want macro to sum all value from source file to file TOTAL.slsx like:
    - Sum all source sheets(PL01).range("C9:J36","I38") to TOTAL file, sheet PL01.range("C9:J36","I38")
    - Sum all source sheets(PL02).range("B6:I10") to TOTAL file, sheet PL02.range("B6:I10")

    I try hard to code and have code like belove, each code will sum each sheet(PL0xx). Code work well but very slow It's take me 247 seconds for 156 files each source sheets, Please help me improve code faster or have another code to do.

    My code belove:
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