I need to create a tool where by I could move the document (PDFs) depending upon their number pages to a particular folder.

For instance: I've pdf files

111111111_XP031 and

- '1111111' is actually the account number and there can be other loan number in the folder.
- xp031 and xp032 are two part of a payoff quote.

XP031 is a pdf document say two page and
similarly XP032 is also a page 2 documents

If the sum of the pages of both these document is 4, I want the code to move the two documents to a folder named 'PAGE 4', if the sum is 5, it should be moved to a folder named 'PAGE 5' and so on.

the VBA should ask the user for the source path where this files would be saved, the VBA should create the folders required in the same source path.