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extracting data

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    extracting data

    Hi Guys, I have a userform that a user will choose a different month number from 2 comboboxes, a month from box1 and another month number from box2, this works and copies all relevant data to another sheet.
    What I need is some code that topull relevant data based on the month number but also some other columns from the row, see below

    I.E - there could be 30 rows of data copied,
    if for instance the data copied is for months 2 and 7, I need to pull data for column A and column j for months 2 and 7, I can do this now using countifs and sumifs, the problem is the months entered and copied will change

    the Z range is the month

    any idea's


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    Re: extracting data

    to keep it simple and easy to read on the sheet - the userform could write what it copied over to a couple of cells and you can reference them in the formula?

    lets say A1 and B1 so something like this in the userform (whatever you call box 1 and box2)

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