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Command Button with VLookup Formula

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    Command Button with VLookup Formula

    Excel 2013
    In the code below, I have an userform that contains 6 comboboxes and 5 textboxes. When user filled these and click CommandButton1, it will save the data on sheet "East" and then will give me a number on TextBox5 that contains certain datas. Some of these certain datas are from another sheet which name is "West" and related to entered datas on this userform. For example, if I select "E" from ComboBox1, it will give me the value "1" from West sheet and then write this value on TextBox5. I am new to Excel VBA, I tried to write a vlookup formula to draw datas from another sheet but failed and need help. I have attached an example document from my work that you may analyze.
    What is the correct way to write this code?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    If ComboBox1.Value <> "" And ComboBox2.Value <> "" And TextBox1.Value <> "" And ComboBox3.Value <> "" And TextBox2.Value <> "" And ComboBox4.Value <> "" And ComboBox5.Value <> "" And ComboBox6.Value <> "" And TextBox3.Value <> "" And TextBox4.Value <> "" Then

    Dim lastrow As Long

    lastrow = ActiveSheet.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 1).Value = ComboBox1.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 2).Value = ComboBox2.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 3).Value = TextBox1.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 4).Value = ComboBox3.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 5).Value = TextBox2.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 6).Value = ComboBox4.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 7).Value = ComboBox5.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 8).Value = ComboBox6.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 9).Value = TextBox3.Value
    ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 10).Value = TextBox4.Value

    TextBox5.Value = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ComboBox1.Value, West!Range("C7:D11"), 2, 0) & ComboBox2.Value & WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ComboBox3.Value, West!Range("G7:H10"), 2, 0) & WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ComboBox4.Value, West!Range("K7:L16"), 2, 0) & WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ComboBox5.Value, West!Range("F14:G15"), 2, 0) & WorksheetFunction.VLookup(ComboBox5.Value, West!Range("F14:G15"), 2, 0)

    MsgBox ("Saved!")

    MsgBox "This area must be filled!"

    End If

    End Sub
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    Re: Command Button with VLookup Formula

    Hi, the biggest issue in this matter, is when addressing to other worksheets, you have to address them correctly, like:
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    Re: Command Button with VLookup Formula

    @ doloressjk

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