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Remove new line characters in spreadsheet

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    Remove new line characters in spreadsheet


    I have an excel sheet with data downloaded from a tool and there are columns that has free-form text in it. This free-form text contains line breaks, semi-colons, colons and comma - basically it can include anything.

    For my project, I have to uplaod a tab delimited form (.txt) file of this excel workbook to push the data to a DB and then eventually query the data. When I try to do this, the .txt file populates with new line characters just giving me errors when I uplaod to the system due to datatype mismatch.

    My question here is how do I remove new line characters formation in .txt file? I should possibly curate my excel sheet before saving it as .txt format. But unsure the best way to do it. Please also note that the data size is huge (nearly 20000 rows) - so looking for an easy less time consuming approach.

    I have attached a sample workbook for reference
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    Re: Remove new line characters in spreadsheet

    Perhaps something more like this?

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