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Add value to table based on date and other value lookup

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    Add value to table based on date and other value lookup

    My objective is to write data on to a table based on lookup of two field viz. “Date” and “Part & SlNo”. I have a code linked to the “ADD” button. I referred the code which is almost similar to that of my requirement.


    But the difference in my case is that I am handling dates (in dd/mm/yy format). Hence, I am unable to get over the error in comparison of date. I used the following code.

    Sub AddVal()
    Dim column, row As String
    Dim c, r As Single
    With Worksheets("data")
    If .Range("B1").Value = "" Or .Range("B2").Value = "" Then Exit Sub
    column = .Range("B1").Value
    row = .Range("B2").Value
    c = Application.Match(column, .Range("D5:U5"), 0)
    r = Application.Match(row, .Range("C6:C16"), 0)
    .Range("C5").Offset(r, c).Value = .Range("B3").Value
    End With
    End Sub

    Please help. Workbook attached
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    Cool Hi ! Try this !

    Your code is near to be acceptable but
    you did not use the appropriate cell property according to the date data type
    neither the appropriate variable data type
    - must be Variant (like C but not R) as MATCH worksheet function can return an error instead of an integer -
    and 'cause this error may raise you forgot to check the result of this function …

    Your procedure revamped according to the above and the cells validation :

    PHP Code: 
    Sub AddVal()
    Dim A$, CR
        With Sheet1
    = .[B2].Validation.Formula1
    Application.Match(.[B1].Value2, .Range(.[B1].Validation.Formula1), 0)
    Application.Match(.[B2].Text, .Range(A), 0)
    IsNumeric(C) And IsNumeric(RThen .Range(A)(0).Offset(RC).Value = .[B3].Value Else Beep
        End With
    End Sub 
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