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Sort data table into sets/groups where sum of X<40, Y<80 and z<50

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    Sort data table into sets/groups where sum of X<40, Y<80 and z<50

    Hi there, first time user post, however I have always admired from affar.

    I have come under a bit of stress at work and need to plan a months worth of work by the end of next week. I have a list of data which looks something like:
    Visit A B C
    Visit 1 5 10 3
    Visit 2 9 17 4
    Visit 3 2 6 4
    Visit 4 6 10 11
    Visit 5 5 12 7
    Visit 6 7 6 2

    I have only shown 6 visits, but I have to plan over 300 visits that need to be performed during July. I need to work out what days we can perform each of the 300 visits, where the total of constraint A, B and C cannot be more than, A <40, B <80 and C< 50. Is anyone able to help me produce a formula via VBA or solver that would perform a first fit decreasing algorithm, and sort the list into groups (effectively days) i.e day one perform visits 1,3,4... day two perform (2,5,7...)

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    Re: Sort data table into sets/groups where sum of X<40, Y<80 and z<50

    Hello kamikan and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    Perhaps this will help relieve some of the stress.
    In the attached file 100 visits are listed in column A with corresponding values in column B:D
    Row 1 is populated with the weekdays in July.
    Column E is populated using the formula: =AND(SUM($B$2:$B2)<40,SUM($C$2:$C2)<80,SUM($D$2:$D2)<50) which would manually need to be dragged down the column at least until it displays a blank cell.
    Starting with column F the rest of the sheet is populated using:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    The font color is set to white.
    Conditional formatting is used to display a green fill for those cells that have a value of TRUE.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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