For a long time I have been developing Excel applications with databases, through VBA code.
That is, user interface in Excel, and data stored in databases (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
I do it by sending the different SQL instructions to the databases, through connection strings created in VBA.

Important: I do not use Power Query for it. I do it all from VBA, because I need read/write actions.
I can create all the interactions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.)

The problem is the user must install database driver to be able to use this macros.
(except Access, other databases requieres driver installation first)
Although it is a very simple task, I am looking to improve my vba and avoid drivers

Is there any database engine that does not requiere a driver to connect from VBA?

For example, I use connection string like this:

Cn.Open "Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver};Server=" & _
* * * * Server_Name & ";Database=" & Database_Name & _
* * * * ";Uid=" & User_ID & ";Pwd=" & Password & ";"

This is an example to connect to MySQL, using the previously installed driver (MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver)

Do new databases from Microsoft, Google, or AWS requieres drivers to connect from vba?
Is it possible to "build" the driver from vba code?

Thank you very much!