Hello forum,

i hope this sub forum is correct for my question. I have a strange problem, it happens not often and i really took time and i have tried to understand why excel is doing this ... i have no idea. I will explain it best i can.

When i have opened 1 Excel (doesn't matter which one) and one txt file everything is fine. The txt file has content in form of .csv separated with , . I copy the whole content and paste in all in one column of my Excel file, for example in column A. I have selected cell A2 and i press right click and paste. The content is now in column A. Thats ok.

But ... when i have opened another excel file (doesn't matter which one) i have 2 Excel files now and the txt file. Then excel is splitting the values and pasting the words left from , in column A and the words right from , in column B. I don't know why Excel is doing this. When this happens then i close all files and open only the excel file i want to work with. Then .. its alright .. excel is only pasting the values in column A.

Does anyone know why this happens?