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multi-image lookup

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    multi-image lookup


    Tried searching the forum, but I didn't find the exact answer to my question..

    I have a large number of SKU's (200+) with their individual images in the next call, on the sheet #1 of a workbook.
    A1 "apple", B1 "apple.jpg"
    A2 "banana", B2 "banana.jpg"
    ... etc

    On sheet #2 , I draw a list of some of those SKU's (one week's sales report in this case).

    What I need, is the image to appear next to the SKU on the second sheet once I enter a SKU name in the cell.

    I've only found a way to create a dropdown menu into one cell, which then finds the image for one of the items in the menu.
    However in this case I need the image lookup to happen in multiple cells at once.

    Since I need this for a weekly sales report, copying and pasting the individual images each time takes up a lot of time since I have a lot of SKU's to deal with.
    If possible, I am looking for a non macro way to so this (don't really know how to use them..)

    thank you in advance!
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    Re: multi-image lookup

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    Copy this code to the worksheet's code module

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    Re: multi-image lookup

    What if I change my mind? I've got second picture covered 1st.
    (sorry for some reason I can't paste picture).

    For this cases I've added check, if any picture is already there. If yes, delete.
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