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Hide sheets based content in different cells in main sheet

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    Hide sheets based content in different cells in main sheet


    I've got an excel sheet with 5 sheets, sheet 1 acting as the main sheet. How to I hide sheets 2, 3, 4, and 5 based on a different cell in sheet 1 being YES / NO?

    This is what sheet 1 looks like in columns A and B respectively.

    Sheet2 NO
    Sheet3 NO
    Sheet4 NO
    Sheet5 NO

    Column B is a drop down using data validation and only valid values are YES / NO

    How can I automatically hide sheet2 if B1 is set to NO, sheet3 if B2 is set to NO, sheet4 if B3 is set to NO, sheet5 if B4 is set to NO?

    They should act all independently, so for example YES in B1 and B2 should display sheet2 and sheet3, but not sheet4 and sheet5 if B3 and B4 are set to NO.

    Appreciate your help. I tried a few examples I found on the internet, but no luck so far. I've only found examples where the range is always the same. Note I'm clueless when it comes to VBA code.


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    Re: Hide sheets based content in different cells in main sheet


    I would use three macros for this.

    The first two are sheet specific.

    Right Click On "Sheet1" At the Bottom Of Excel and Select View Code
    Paste this code in the module that opens and close it.

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    The main Macro needs to be pasted into a normal Macro Module

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    Re: Hide sheets based content in different cells in main sheet

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