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Multi level sorting - line continuation limit

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    Question Multi level sorting - line continuation limit

    I want to perform multi level sorting by using VBA, and the code is below structure:
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    However, I have more than 2,000 column to sorting (from A:A to CLH:CLH). It would reach line continuation limit if I use this method. May I know how can I modify the code?

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    Re: Multi level sorting - line continuation limit

    this is going to crash excel, my man. not good. you need a database, seriously. why do you have 2000 cols of data!? wow. but, if you want to attempt it, use the macro recorder, do the sorting of 2 cols through the interface by clicking buttons, look at the code, see the iterative and pattern of key integer counting the program does, and any other relevant issues, then copy it 1998 more times. done. if you need to produce the code by automation, copy the 2 lines of VBA code excel gives you into 2 rows in col a, then parse the data out to many diff cols, and use the autofill handle to drag down 1998 more rows to get what you need, then concat the data from all the parsed cols back into a new col. then copy all 2000 lines of code in the new col to the VBA editor. finished.

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    Re: Multi level sorting - line continuation limit

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    2) Line continuation?
    You can use that sort method by 3 columns at a time, so you will need to loop from less priority column(s) to higher.

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