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Find outlook emails that match ID numbers in Excel

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    Find outlook emails that match ID numbers in Excel

    Hi everyone,

    I have a list of ID numbers in excel and when we have sent an email it gets marked with the sent date and when we get the reply we mark it again. Due to user error some get missed so I've to get excel to search through outlook Sent box to see if an email had been sent.
    I now need to do this for the Inbox however there are many subfolders that the email could be hiding in and i only know how to search the main inbox, could anybody help me in getting it to also go through every subfolder?

    Also is there a way to make this quicker as it did take 3 days to complete!!! I came across maybe using "items.Restrict" not sure if that would work for what i need it for and if it would be quicker - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/off...items.restrict I did try however i couldn't understand/get it to work.

    The below code goes through outlook Sent box to find the emails that have been sent to change it to inbox i would change "olFolderSentMail" to "olFolderInbox" but that only looks in the inbox not sub folders.

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated especially if it makes the process quicker seeing as i was hoping to complete it by Monday

    Thank you for your help
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    Re: Find outlook emails that match ID numbers in Excel

    if you look at the dependency links, one nest after the other, in the MS URL you posted:




    you eventually read this in the last link:
    The following are the item-level objects defined in the Outlook object model:
    and nowhere on that page do you read *anything* about folders. Thus, you can't use it, more than likely. the only thing close is this:
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    but you are not looking for content inside an email message itself. you want to search messages inside a folder. So, if you're not aware, the protocol called MAPI is widely used in email clients, outlook specifically. if you look here:


    you'll find your answer, more than likely. there was also someone here recently that was doing the same thing and did it mostly themselves. they already had the MAPI being used in their own code. check it out:


    and my help starts here:


    MAPI is what is called a namespace. that word is very popular, but in outlook the concept is severely outdated. it means something totally different now to corporate professionals.

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