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Form Controls and ActiveX Controls - Option Button

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    Form Controls and ActiveX Controls - Option Button

    Hello all,

    I am developing a form for a daily report.

    I am attempting to use option buttons for items line Weather Delay, Inspections occurred, Materials Received, etc.

    I started out using the Form Controls. Everything was going along fine, I was making my group box, then inserting my 2 option buttons for yes and no. The first 6 went well. When i got to the 7th group it decided to attached itself to the No Option in Group 4. So after some messing around, I deleted Group 4 and Group 7 and re-inserted new groups. Those worked as intended, but the same problem repeated when I got to Group 12 with Group 9. After some more frustration, I deleted all the Form Controls and used ActiveX Controls.

    Everything is working great, UNTIL I copy my template sheet to create sheets for the rest of the week. Now my ActiveX controls are not maintaining their values when subsequent selections are made on new sheets. - I realized my problem is that the group name needs to be changed for each control group.

    Question: Is it possible to get the GroupName property to "see" the sheet name and insert that prior to or after the group name i have assigned?

    Question2: what would some code look like that would do the following
    1. Copy a sheet (or a set of sheets - one full week with the weekly summary)
      name the sheet(s) based on user input or a stepped pattern
      rename the GroupNames that are needed to be renamed

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