Hello out there,

I have a few hundred csv files to open evaluate and store info within another file. The pseudo code is:

1) create list of csv files to open and extract data from. - this will be stored in the base file.

Execute code
a) Open first file csv file on the list to a new temp sheet in the base file
b) parse the data into a new format and save the appropriate data into another excel file. - this code is done
c) delete the temp sheet containing first import.
d) mark the list next to file imported
d) go to the next file on the list and import to temp sheet
e) parse the data into a new format and append & save into the other open file. - this is done.
f) delete the temp sheet and mark the list "as imported"
...) end script to import and note that the list has completed. - likely a message

I appreciate any help I can get on this problem.
Thank you in advance