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Identifying Repeated Words in a Word Doc, Outputting to Excel

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    Identifying Repeated Words in a Word Doc, Outputting to Excel

    Hi All,

    I tend to write a lot of prose in Word and worry that sometimes I repeat adjectives/verbs too closely together. For example, I wouldn't want to use a word like "plethora" in a sentence, and then use it again a few sentences later. Is there a way to write a macro that can review an entire Word document and output an excel file that lists any words over 4 characters in length that are repeated? Something like a list of repeat words in column A, then the number of occurrences in column B.

    This is what I'd like to do but I'm totally lost as to how to even get started. I have a decent background with VBA for excel applications, but I've never tried it with Word. Any input is graciously accepted - thank you!

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    Re: Identifying Repeated Words in a Word Doc, Outputting to Excel

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