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Macro to determine the number of blocks to build a wall

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    Macro to determine the number of blocks to build a wall

    I need a macro to determine how many stacked concrete blocks I need to build a wall for a given height?

    The concrete block sizes are only available in either 2 feet, 4 feet, or 6 feet high.

    What I need: If the input wall height is 12 feet high, I expect the "output" for possible concrete units sizes to build the wall, and to make the 12 feet high (from top to bottom, where row 1 is the top) are the following:

    option 1:
    Row 1 = 2 feet
    Row 2 = 4 feet
    Row 3 = 6 feet -- so the total is 12 feet


    option 2:
    Row 1 = 4 feet
    Row 2 = 4 feet
    Row 3 = 4 feet

    I am attaching the spreadsheet with an explanation of more rules to follow.

    I posted this in another forum yesterday, but did not receive answers as I write:

    I appreciate any help.
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    Re: Macro to determine the number of blocks to build a wall

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