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If condition is satisfied don't do the while

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    Question If condition is satisfied don't do the while

    Good afternon,

    I'm doing a macro to separate datas from matrix by the name in the first column "A";
    The macro get all the results in column A, paste in column Z and delete the duplicates values.

    I get "linha" = Z1 and I put to run line by line until the column z is ended.
    While the code is running, the macro creates a new sheet with the name that was in the column Z.

    For the first run, its work perfectly but in the second time I get an error because I don't need a new fresh table if i already have one.I just need to update the values in the existents sheets.

    Can someone help me with this?

    I'm sending the sheets with anex and the code in anex.

    Thanks a lot, Luiz.
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    Re: If condition is satisfied don't do the while

    because if the sheet already exist then get error
    so you should check first sheet existed

    sample code below
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