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To form a formula of two different columns

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    Question To form a formula of two different columns

    Hi, all

    Hope you are doing well.

    I have a file named Scheduler, which the intention is to extract and consolidate some data and list out in orderly manner in "Orders" sheet. The data will be coming from sheet "result_cb" of Result file.

    In the control panel sheet in Scheduler, I have listed out the nomenclature which it should copy paste to "Orders" sheet in column B. But for column C ("Value" column), as of now my code is only extracting value from column R in "result_cb" sheet. But I want to change it to become a formula instead hence value in column C of "Orders" should be:

    Value = 1.07*R + S

    Is it possible to do such?

    I have tried to tweak it around but it did not work.

    Can I know how can I adjust this code?

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    Hereby I attached both files as well.

    Appreciate anyone's feedback.
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