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data base in vab

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    data base in vab

    Good morning
    I am a beginner in Vba every time I try to understand things I am now on a small project to help facilitate my tasks for part 1 to make a small database in Vba.
    The example is an attach file
    Please some one help me because is very important for me
    thank you very much for my experts.
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    Re: data base in vab

    You might want to start here and convert this to a true data base management system like Access

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    Change an Ugly Report with Power Query
    Database Normalization
    Complete Guide to Power Query
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    Re: data base in vab

    Here is a simple database. Study it and apply to your own project.

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    Re: data base in vab

    Hi Stev,

    Excel can be a database but it is best and calculating numbers and sorting things. If you want a form to enter data into then Access might be better. Read about the differences at:
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