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Worksheet Connection

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    Worksheet Connection

    Is there a way I can have workers submit their work survey results to a master workbook?

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    Re: Worksheet Connection

    Yes it is, its easier and safer if you have a standardized or central location where the master will be located as well as their surveys.
    One way would be to link their workbooks with your master. meaning having references from theirs to the master.
    Another would be to setup your master to process their surveys and populate your master with the accumulated data.

    All depends on how you want to handle and how the surveys are currently being done.. if you dont want to disrupt the way things are done, i would probably go the route of processing their files into your master so they dont have to change what they are doing and you can just consume the data as you need it.
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    Re: Worksheet Connection

    Duplicate thread here
    Good Luck
    I don't presume to know what I am doing, however, just like you, I too started somewhere.....
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