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Divide individual values in summary based on tick boxes

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    Divide individual values in summary based on tick boxes

    I have a box tracking system that summaries all boxes done/worked on into the tab “Weekly Summary”. Some client’s boxes are half the size of other clients. To get an accurate summary, I’d need to have an option where I mark the clients that supply half-sized boxes and when the Weekly summary is calculated it takes that mark into consideration and divides the number in “Database” - F: F and inputs half that amount into “Weekly Summary”. I can’t divide the values directly in “Database F: F” as it is used for other viewing and reading reasons.
    In “BoxIn” I use the UNIQUE function to list the clients, and a checkbox per client to decide if their Completion calculation (Database – F: F). I have not gone further than that.

    The weekly summary is done in VBA Module 2 (thank you @JohnTopley).

    Another issue is that we’ll constantly change clients and remove the ones we have ended the contract with. So, any checkboxes have to be locked to the Client it was ticked against initially.

    Hope this makes sense and I’d really appreciate your help.
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