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Hide Tabs Based on the choice of Multiple Items from Drop Down List

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    Hide Tabs Based on the choice of Multiple Items from Drop Down List

    Hello, I have a question regarding how to hide multiple sheets based on a user's selection from a drop down list. My spreadsheet has around 60 tabs (the sample only shows 30) and only 15-30 of these will be in use for a project. I would like the user to be able to use the drop down list to select which tabs they would like for the project and hide the rest.

    My sample worksheet contains an tab labeled "Index" that uses a VBA code to pull the tab names from each sheet. The User Input sheet contains my attempt at solving this problem in VBA, however the code does not allow for multiple selections and is not hiding the correct sheets.

    Does anyone know the solution to this issue? I have tried a lot of things but have not been successful. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Re: Hide Tabs Based on the choice of Multiple Items from Drop Down List

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