I'm trying to create a macro that will copy content from a single pivot table on one worksheet and paste the content to three other worksheets within the same workbook. The pivot table can have different number of columns (i.e. location) and rows (products) subjected to the filters based on different criteria on a daily basis. I have to copy data from the pivot table to three different worksheets as day end summary to different recipients. All three worksheets have the same format or layout and each has a predefined set of locations which could change in the future. Even for location with no sales has to be included on the designated worksheet for completeness. I have been using copy and paste between the Pivot Table worksheet and other Summary worksheet. Because of the daily variation on sales per locations, using Getpivotdata is not a feasible option. I am hoping to utilize Marco to streamline the process and minimize human error. Again, I started learning Macro very recently and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Pivot Table.JPG