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Eligible conditional formatting

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    Eligible conditional formatting


    I Need to set a conditional formatting.
    After I enter the filing date then the 270 and 360 date return will appear.
    Let say that I am working the calendar date of 2/28/22.
    Under the 270 date return 2/6/22, then this will be “ELIGIBLE” because before the calendar date.

    Then, under the 360 days is “NOT ELIGIBLE” because it is not after the date return 05/07/22.
    So it’s actually from the calendar date to set a conditional formatting. If the date return is before the calendar date then “ELIGIBLE” and the calendar before the date return then it’s “NOT ELIGIBLE”.

    Color blue “ELIGIBLE” and color red “NOT ELIGIBLE”.
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    Re: Eligible conditional formatting

    i did post , and seems to have gone !!!

    2 conditional format rules for each cell
    select the merged cells - not great using merged cells

    =$K$14="Not eligible" - fill yellow , font red
    and 2nd rule
    =$K$14="eligible" - fill yellow , font blue

    same rules but for B14 instead of K14

    then in the cell use an if

    this is where merged cells start to cause issue with the cell reference

    Also what do you want for date is the same

    then instead of < just use < =
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