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VBA Prompt to Send Email

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    VBA Prompt to Send Email

    Hello all!

    We're currently using a spreadsheet to record and track training requests, and have a column (W) to note if a learning request form has been completed. I'd like to add a VBA to send an email if the cell in column W says "Yes" - Would also like a pop up box to prompt this ("Would you like to submit this learning request?") before sending the email. Each entry to this spreadsheet is given an ID number (e.g. "LT0001"), so I'd like the email to reference that number as well.

    We also have a column (X) for management to note if the request is approved or not, so if possible I'd like to prompt another email to notify the submitter of their decision (e.g. Have the email say something along the lines of "Approval status for LT0001: Approved").

    There's only one person who reviews and approved/denies learning requests, and there are 4 of us coordinators who submit the requests. We each have our own tab in the spreadsheet to record our requests.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? And if so, how I can set this up?

    Thank you!

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    Re: VBA Prompt to Send Email

    Certainly is possible.

    What are you using to send emails? Outlook?

    Could you attach a sample file showing your data layout with some dummy data?


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