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excel instances

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    excel instances

    Hi, all !

    this is driving me crazy...

    I need to work with an excel file in a separate instance
    there may be more than one instance of excel running or only the one I am using, then...

    I can create a separate instance with createobject(... or
    I can get the instance that has my file in use with getobject("fullPath To myFile.xlsx").application

    However, using this (in the same procedure) e.g.
    PHP Code: 
      Set xlApp GetObject("fullPath To myFile.xlsx").Application
    If xlApp Is Nothing Then
        Set xlApp 
    xlApp.Workbooks.Open "fullPath To myFile.xlsx"
    End If 
    if I search first for the instance that uses it (getobject) and I get my xlApp, everything works ok, BUT...
    if it results in nothing, I fail to get the second call (createobject) to create a separate instance

    even more, with the second call...
    in addition to opening my file in the same instance I am using, opens it with its workbook window hidden

    tested with versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 365 (up to date > insider > beta)

    any help, guidance or alternative will be highly appreciated (I would like to avoid calls to APIs)


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    Re: excel instances

    CreateObject will create a new instance of Excel. It will not reuse an existing one. What makes you think it is?

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    Re: excel instances

    Hi, rorya, thanks for the prompt response

    sorry if I wasn't clear enough
    I'm not assuming that could happen
    I'm suffering that's exactly what's going on

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