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formula/macro to return last non empty cell in a specified row

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    formula/macro to return last non empty cell in a specified row

    Basically I have a macro which copies some data from one sheet over to a sort of historical sheet, and puts the current date along row 3.

    What I need is to prevent it overwriting the data the next time the macro is run, i.e. I want it to go to the next column over and add the new stuff in there each time the thing is run.

    So I need something that will give me the last non empty cell on row 3 so I can then tell the macro to use column x when it pastes the stuff in. this must be very common but I havent managed to work out how to do it yet.

    I also need to know how to make the macro use this, i.e. I currently have Range("C5").Select but what I need it to say is Range("<first empty column on row 3>5").select i.e. I need to keep the current row numbers in there (in this case 5), but the column has to be variable based somehow, I just dont know how to format it.

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