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Automatic Calculation of Workbookname() and other functions

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    Question Automatic Calculation of Workbookname() =>come on experts ! TOO DIFFICULT ?


    I am using some functions in excel to show the workbookname, username, company and sheetname in my spreadsheets.

    I have used the following statements:

    Function workbookname() As String
    'returns the workbook name of the cell
    workbookname = Application.Caller.Parent.Parent.Name
    End Function

    Function SHEETNAME() As String
    ' Returns the sheet name for string
    SHEETNAME = Application.Caller.Parent.Name
    End Function

    Function USER()
    ' Returns the users name
    USER = Application.UserName
    'USER = UCase(USER)
    End Function

    Function COMPANY()
    'returns the name of the company
    COMPANY = Application.OrganizationName
    End Function

    These staments are located in module1 of my personalstartworkbook which opens automatically when I start excel.

    My problem is that when the for example workbookname changes it does not automatically update the function workbookname(). I have to put the cursor on the cell en press F2 and return to update the value. Offcourse this is useless.

    Anyone having a suggestion to solve this ?

    Ronald de Vries
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