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Help Add/Delete using forms (supervisor pwd protected access)

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    Exclamation Help Add/Delete using forms (supervisor pwd protected access)

    I need some help using Forms and Excel macros. I'd like to write macros to add and delete people from the list and then automatically update the drop-down box to reflect the changes. Then also put the list in alphabetical order and correctly number the list so I can then use VLOOKUP as shown in the attached sheet. Also, would like to somehow password protect the macro so only supervisors can do these tasks. Does not need to be an ultra secure password protection, could even be a hard coded passwork listed in the macro that uses a MsgBox to ask the supervisor to enter the pwd.
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    Hello Brett,

    I modified your code to include the macros to do want you wanted. After you password protect the worksheet, the Add and Delete buttons display a message telling you this and do nothing. The names are sorted when added. The attached file (Zipped) is your workbook complete with macros. If have any questions or problems, contact me via e-mail at LeithRoss@aol.com.

    Password Protecting a Worksheet:
    1) On the Excel menu select Tools.
    2) Select Protection from the list.
    3) Select Protect Sheet... from the Pop Up menu.
    4) Follow the directions to Password protect the worksheet.

    Leith Ross
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