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change events for combo boxes

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    change events for combo boxes

    Sorry for the long post but I need to explain my dilemma in detail in the hope that some bright spark out there will be able to tell me where I'm going wrong.

    I have a workbook set up as follows:

    Sheet 1 contains a combo box (call it Combo1) that gets its list from a named range on sheet 3.

    The Combo1 change event runs 2 advanced filters on sheet 4 and copies the filtered results to sheet1. Then, using the value selected by the user the code sets an advanced filter (call it AF1) on sheet5.

    Combo 2 which is on Sheet2 has its listfillrange set to the results of AF1. I want combo 2 to run a further advanced filter to provide values for a thrid combo. To accomplish this I attached code to the change event for combo 2. The result was that the workbook kept crashing Excel.

    The problem is that the change event for combo2 is triggered by a change to any value on sheet1. I've set a count to see how many times the change event code for combo 2 is triggered and it runs 44 times for each change to combo1. I would have expected it to run only once. It also runs if I type a value in an empty cell in sheet1!!!

    I'm pullling my hair out here so i hope somebody can help me before I go bald!!


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    Hello Paul,

    It would be easier to provide you with asolution if you could post your workbook or you can e-mail it to me to look at for you. As you have discovered, there are other things can trigger events and seeing the code is the quickest way for me to isolate the problem. You can e-mail me at LeithRoss@aol.com.

    Leith Ross

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