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Changing an Excel Icon

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    Question Changing an Excel Icon


    Is it possible to change the appearance of a single Excel Icon....that is, the default Green Icon that Microsoft provides while shipping out Excel?

    Now, this can be done using the: "FileTypes" ...."Change" option in the "Folder Options" function....but this changes the icon for all Excel files.

    Please let me know if Excel/VBA provides sufficient flexibility for any 1 particular file's icon to be changed.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello MisterMacro,

    Here is a macro a while back to brand a commercial program I wrote in Excel using VBA. This macro will allow you to change the icon of any window. Copy and Paste this code into a VBA Module.

    Using the ChangeIcon Macro:
    Call ChangeIcon("C:\WINDOWS\Web\news.ico", GetHwnd)

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    All I ask is you include the information block with code, if you decide to share it. Thanks and have fun!

    Leith Ross

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    Re: Changing an Excel Icon

    Hi Team,

    This is not working for me. Can you please provide correct code.

    As well as i want to know if i have one folder with 10 excel files. And if i want to change only one excel file icon then how can i change it.

    As well as how can i change defolt excel file icon.

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