Here's something that I was trying to ferret out. Have a workbook that
contains relative links to files. In most situations, I have been able to
copy the folder in which the file is, and the relative links remain. However
in one instance we copied the folder which contains not only the excel
document, but a series of other referenced folders (To eventually contain
word documents) and it converted all of the relative links into absolute
links. Trying to figure out what may have caused this, so that we do not
experience it again. It would be a bad situation. When we went back to the
"original" file, and copied it again, they remained relative...... Hmmm..

I suggested the following as a possibility, that the file had been open when
it was copied, and that perhaps the links were somehow converted at that
time. Any ideas? Since the fouled file is now gone, I can not review the
File->properties to see if a path got entered in or not. Will have to keep
an eye open for that though.