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Help with looping

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    Help with looping

    Hello everyone,

    I need some help w/ looping. I have a macro that is creating a new workbook with worksheets for reports. It is automatically going to create these sheets, but the variables are not always the same. I am thinking of doing a loop but not sure how to write it. It needs to loop based on a group of data that is going to change.

    in combobox1 I have a list of names. I have the macro to create the tab and to rename the tab. However, I need it to run the macro for each selection in combobox1. The list changes based on the inputs from the user. The macro, "Generate_Report" is what generates the tabs. How would I write the Loop command to run Generate_Report using A:A as the source data?

    combobox1 has 50 available options (but this can change from day to day), I need to Loop Generate_Report for each of the listed options in the combobox.
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