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Excel Automation from Access

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    Sam Tyler

    Excel Automation from Access

    I have data from an outside text file that I'm linking to in Access. I'm
    then using the Access VBA to create an Excel workbook (I was going to try to
    use TransferSpreadsheet, but the format and cell placement was too tricky).
    The problem is that when I try to set the Formula property from Access, it
    doesn't work. It just copies it as a string. I posted this in the Access
    Programming as well, but since I'm doing it from Access, it gets a bit
    complicated and I'm not sure exactly where it fits.

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    Hi Sam,

    Copy the following VB code into a module in MS Access. It will create an instance of Excel, create a new workbook and insert a simple formula into cell A1 of the new workbook:

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    Hope this helps,

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