Hi expert,

I have a BOM structure

| |
| | | |
C3 C2 C1 C4
| |
D1 D2

Where A and B are different top level Finish Goods, with common subassembly C1.

I was given with a single level BOM structure as below in Excel file.

Assembly Component
-------- ---------
A C1
A C2
A C3
B C1
B C4
C1 D1
C1 D2
D1 E1

I need to convert into the following format in Excel file:
(added with new column - Top FG)

Top FG Assembly Component
------ -------- -------------
A A C1
A A C2
A A C3
B B C1
B B C4
A C1 D2
B C1 D2
A D1 E1
B D1 E1
A C1 D1
B C1 D1

I am looking at a macro which can help me to add a new column showing the top level finish goods. criteria is any assembly that is not found in component consider as top level Finish good and if a assembly exist in more than one top level finish goods a new record need to be created.

Can anyone help.