As I wrote in earlier question I recently automated an Excel app to show
some statistics from a different program I’m currently working on.
One obstacle I still couldn’t pass was the custom type: "Line - Column on 2
Axes" chart.
Using the macro VBA recorder I got the following code:
Sub Macro1()
ActiveChart.ApplyCustomType ChartType:=xlBuiltIn, TypeName:= _
"Line - Column on 2 Axes"
End Sub
Which I translated to C++ code as:
chart -> ApplyCustomType ( (XlChartType)xlBuiltIn, "Line - Column on 2 Axes"
The result was as in previous attempts the default chart type in the user
defined custom types.
As much as I looked for I couldn’t find any reference to "Line - Column on
2 Axes" TypeName in the excel.tlh or .tli or using the OLE/COM object viewer.
Or a function that can get an “XlChartGallery” enum as the chart type
parameter rather then the XlChartType.

I’m sure that if the VBA can do it then there is a way to automate it in
C++, please let me know how